Core values

Each of us posses set of core values. In our private and professional lives, they shall be compass that guides us and we shall not compromise about them. When personal values are not in line with our goal, reaching this goal becomes heavy and, at the end, impossible mission. Our core values are not in-born, we can develop them on our way, but first of all we shall be aware of them 🌱
Following core values shall be relevant both for Game of Jobs and yourself. Let them be our guiding rules for achieving mutually beneficial cooperation.


Content produced by Game of Jobs will always strive to be professional, constructive, based on best practices and valuable.


During interaction with you I’ll always be honest, even when the truth will not be easy to hear. I expect the same from you. We have a goal which we want to achieve and this is why I’m here.


What you see is true me. I don’t pretend and expect you also to be authentic. In this way, together we can become better professionals and personas we were yesterday.

Positivity and growth focus

Positive midset and continuous growth orientation open many doors. I offer, and expect, focus on both – even when it’s hard or it requires step outside of the comfort zone.

Work and action readiness

During work I always strive towards results. The same will be during work with you. We focus on relevant actions.

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