LinkedIn Entrepreneurial Catapult

Develop your business and quickly attract (more) clients through this holistic LinkedIn based program.

Learn to build a personal brand & attract top clients for your service business in 3 weeks

I don't want you to make any hasty conclusions. To start, answer these questions for yourself:

💭 Do you know precisely what and to whom you are selling through your service business?

💭 Is your target audience on LinkedIn?

💭 Do you want to attract (additional) targeted clients?

💭 What is missing for you to take your business to the next level?

What is LinkedIn Entrepreneurial Catapult

The Entrepreneurial Catapult emerged from the integration of individual services that I already successfully have been providing to clients into this meaningful whole.

This holistic program is based on harnessing the power and potential of LinkedIn, enabling solo/small/micro/medium-sized entrepreneurs to reach (more) clients and significantly improve their business in a short time.

Who will make it happen?

You! With my targeted and continuous support.

With over 16 years of experience in the corporate world dealing with strategic HR topics (primarily Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding), I am so ready to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dream.

Before establishing my own company, I contributed to the growth of small, regional, and multinational companies. Currently, I lead Game of Jobs, work as a business development mentor for the EU-funded BOND2 project, and deliver lectures on "How to attract (more) clients in entrepreneurship through Linkedin?" for Plavi Ured and Mali Tehnopolis Samobor.

In addition to working with existing or future entrepreneurs, I also work as a Career Strategist. In this segment, I primarily work with mid and top managers from the entire Southeast Europe region. I assist them with all key aspects of the selection process, all with the aim of helping them reach their dream job without wasting unnecessary time and energy.

But remember, I am just a change catalyst. The real added value lies in you, who will implement the precisely described proven steps below.


The planned duration of this collaboration is 3 weeks, comprising 6 hours of education (online via Zoom or in-person in Samobor) and optimization of your individual and company LinkedIn profiles on your behalf. More details below.

Topics we cover

The service over the course of the 3-week collaboration includes:
Module 1: OPTIMIZATION OF INDIVIDUAL & COMPANY LINKEDIN PROFILES with the aim of attracting your target audience and clients. I save your time by optimizing your existing individual and company profiles according to best practices. In coordination with you and based on the initial questionnaire, I implement changes to your LinkedIn profiles.

Several examples of clients whose individual profiles I had the honor to optimize: LarisaMajaFilipMarkoIvaGordana, Ivanka   
Several examples of clients whose corporate LinkedIn pages I had the honor to create: FidestumPandentKunstmanir studioEarth Wind DesireRapidom nekrenineWeddings in Croatia, "Organizator vjenčanja" academy
Module 2:  📝 LINKEDIN POSTING STRATEGY - I teach you the best practices for creating content on LinkedIn that results in the growth of your professional brand and encourages your target audience to take action. This includes: consulting on the type of content, generating initial topics, defining content pillars, best practices for post length, optimal posting times for maximum reach, using appropriate Call-To-Actions, reviewing one post, etc. (~2 hours)
Module 3:  LINKEDIN OUTREACH STRATEGY - I teach you how to proactively, authentically and naturally approach target clients on LinkedIn for the purpose of exploring potential and arranging collaboration. It includes also lesser-known "tips & tricks" to filter out your niche target clients and approach them in hyper personalized way. All this to dramatically increase conversion rates (~2 hours).
Module 4:  🧲 ATTRACTING TARGETED EMPLOYEES THROUGH LINKEDIN - whether you already have the need to hire additional workers or will have it after your business grows further (after implementing these techniques and tools that I will share with you🙂), I also teach you how to identify and attract targeted employees. This includes the basics of profile searching, understanding Boolean logic, and best practices for using LinkedIn Job Slots to advertise your open positions. (~2 hours)
This service includes a priority treatment, and the targeted duration of collaboration is 3 weeks (depending on your schedule).

Who will benefit from LinkedIn Entrepreneurial Catapult?

The program is carefully designed to equip you with advanced tactics, as well as tips and tricks essential for attracting and converting your targeted clients and strengthening your professional brand. However, it is necessary to follow the curriculum step-by-step, be ready to implement it proactively and consistently.

Entrepreneurial Catapult is for:

✅ Existing small/micro/medium-sized entrepreneurs who sell services (e.g. coaches, consultants, educators, accountants, architects, event organizers, lawyers, virtual assistants, etc.).

✅ Future entrepreneurs who are considering starting a service business.

✅ All entrepreneurs who have not yet reached their desired capacities and want more clients.

✅ Entrepreneurs whose target audience is on LinkedIn.

✅ Those ready to further develop their business and professional image.

✅ Optimistic entrepreneurs who see opportunities (not obstacles) in everything.

✅ Those willing to step out of their comfort zone as needed, acknowledge they are not "the smartest in the world," and are ready to implement proven framework step by step.

This Catapult isn't for:

❌ Those who believe that luck is the main factor for success and are not willing to take control of their business.

❌ Those who are not ready for calculated risks outside their comfort zone and are afraid to test the limits of possibilities.

❌ Those who blame others and constantly complain that the universe doesn't give them the right opportunity.

❌ Those engaged exclusively in production (rather than service) business.

❌ Those who don't see any added value for their business on the LinkedIn platform or whose target clients are elsewhere.

❌ Those whose ego is out of control and cannot comprehend that someone else (potentially younger or less experienced in entrepreneurship) can teach them very beneficial things.

Clients about working with me ➡ 20+ entrepreneur clients in the first 10 months of operation

Linkedin Poduzetnički Katapult - reference

Clients most frequently ask, and I provide the answers 😉

This program is primarily intended for which type of entrepreneurs?

LinkedIn Entrepreneurial Catapult is primarily intended for entrepreneurs engaged in service, rather than production activities.

Additionally, the program is for those who already know "what and to whom they are selling" and whose target audience is on LinkedIn.

Is the collaboration duration fixed at 3 weeks?

I recommend to all my clients a focused collaboration for which they need to dedicate time and energy. Therefore, the recommended duration of collaboration is 3 weeks.

In exceptional cases, we can confirm the completion of the program over a longer period, in accordance with an agreement between both parties.

Can I benefit from the program if I run a manufacturing (rather than service) business?

As already mentioned, the program is primarily designed for entrepreneurs who exclusively or at least predominantly sell services.

In the case that you run a manufacturing business, we can have a discussion to jointly determine whether it makes sense to initiate collaboration.

I want you to achieve the desired results for my clients at the end of the program. Accordingly, I work with clients where I assess that we can certainly achieve tangible results and with whom I have a personality fit based on similar values we share.

What if I currently don't have enough time to spend on LinkedIn?

Time is an extremely valuable resource today, especially in the entrepreneurial world, and allocating it is a matter of priority. I give a lot to my clients, but when needed, I "push" them (showing them by personal example and examples of my other clients) how much they can achieve in a short time by using LinkedIn strategically.

The final decision, of course, is up to you, and the results are proven to come to those who are persistent and consistent in implementing what they've learned.

We want actions, not excuses, right? 💪

What results can I expect to achieve and in what timeframe?

Results come to those who are persistent, consistent and implement what they've learned step by step, as we've already mentioned.

Some clients see initial results as early as 3 weeks, for others, it may take a few months, and some may not see them at all (because they give up along the way).

What you can certainly expect are the following measurable results:

✅ Increased visibility and professional image in the eyes of your target audience.

✅ Growth in Linkedin profile views and inquiries.

✅ Attraction of attention and reactions from targeted clients (increased reach, number of interactions).

✅ Growth in your Social Selling Index.

✅ Conversion of potential clients into actual buyers of your services.

Is the program suitable for me if I am just planning to start my business?

Absolutely! In that case, I have a suggestion. Instead of the 4th module being "attracting targeted employees through LinkedIn" (which I believe might not be your current focus if you're just planing your entrepreneurial venture), it could be "defining your Unique Selling Proposition and Selling Persona(s)." I believe this way you will maximize the value at this stage.

Can I pay in installments?

The standard practice for intellectual services is full payment before the service is provided. I typically stick to these practices when working with clients.

On the other hand, I don't want the financial aspect to be a deal braker for you, and I want you to view our collaboration as an investment rather than an expense. Therefore, we can also discuss a payment plan in 2 installments based on an individual agreement.

Your investment


Applications and collaboration execution throughout the year, based on the order of applications.

Sounds great - let me sign up!

You can apply throughout the entire year by filling out the form below, and collaboration sequence is based on "first come first serve model".

Those applying for the LinkedIn Entrepreneurial Catapult will be contacted ASAP to discuss the next steps.

For any additional inquiries, feel free to contact me at or via WhatsApp at +385 99 211 8982. 🖐


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