Strategic Consulting

Interacting with my clients I often see that they want (and receive) strategic advice from me, with the aim of maximizing the success of their existing or planned business venture. This is how idea to offer also strategic consulting services to my existing and future clients was born. In addition to advice that "makes a difference," strategic consulting often includes strategic networking, in form of connecting the client with the right person of trust from my personal network of contacts.

Examples of some of the topics for strategic consulting:

🎯 Creating a value chain, defining/adjusting sustainable competitive advantage, crafting USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your business

🎯 Transforming existing HR function or introducing strategic HR in the company

🎯 Meaningful departure from the corporate world and/or planning and starting your own entrepreneurial success story

🎯 Defining sources of funding for starting or developing a business

🎯 Other topics as per your proposal

Unlike individual consultations, before strategic consulting, it is necessary to provide as detailed materials and inputs as possible in order to adequately understand the current and desired situation.

The price of 1 hour of strategic consulting is 500 €, and additional details are negotiated in collaboration with the client according to specific needs.

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